Products to Consider for a Healthier Lifestyle

Products to Consider for a Healthier Lifestyle

These are 10 products to consider to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Check them out and see what might help you the most

Food Scales

If you are trying to get serious about living and eating healthier, weighing your food is a great place to start. Simply put, weighing your food will give you a better idea of exactly how big each portion size is. It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to eyeball your food. However, in order to be accurate, you really should weigh each meal. Click here to see one example of how weighing your food can help you lose those extra pounds.

When buying a food scale, there are a few things to take into account. The size of the scale is important as you don’t want something too large (for storage purposes) or too small because it will be a hassle to use. Also, it may be wise to look for a digital scale since they are more accurate and usually offer both the metric system and imperial system as units of measure.

Smart Weight Scales

Along with weighing your food, it is wise to invest in a smart body weight scale so you can track your weight loss more efficiently. The high end Smart scales are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities allowing it so sync to a mobile app. This enables you to track your weight and other things like your BMI (body mass index), body fat, water makeup, muscle mass, and water and bone composition. Some scales, like the QardioBase Smart Scale offer additional measurements and tracking capabilities.


If you want to really take your fitness goals to the next step, invest in wearable technology to track your workouts and movements. Often times, people forget to account for their total daily energy expenditure when dieting and exercising. The problem with this is you may over or undercompensate how many calories to eat on a daily basis which will have a big impact on your overall results.

Getting something like a fitbit or other wearable can help you track your steps, sleep cycles, and even your heart’s health. Most wearables sync up with a mobile app, giving the user a much more in-depth and accurate way to track exercises and overall performance throughout the day.

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps have been growing in popularity. There are some amazing free apps that will help you track your food intake and workouts. Perhaps the most popular one is MyFitnessPal. This app is free to download and offers the user a wide array of features. It has a beautiful user interface and makes tracking caloric intake a breeze. This app offers a food library of sorts which allows users to add their own meals and food items with the complete nutritional value of each.

Since the app has been widely used by so many people, the food database has just about everything in it already so it makes adding meals and tracking calories very quick and painless. Also, MyFitnessPal syncs with many other fitness related apps and shares data between them to make logging workouts even easier.

Blenders & Juicers

Many people who try dieting and exercising know how useful blenders and juicers are. Personal sized blenders are essential to making protein shakes and other healthy drinks and smoothies. Also, they are usually small and do not take up much space. Owning a smaller blender will enable you to more thoroughly mix up protein shakes and make smoothies quickly on the go or when you are in a rush.

Juicers are also a somewhat popular item in health and fitness. There are some reports that juicing is actually healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables, but these claims are not necessarily true. However, if you are not a big fruit or vegetable lover, making your own healthy juice drinks can be a fun and easy way to incorporate them into your diet.


While headphones obviously do not make you healthier, most people do enjoy listening to their own music while working out. Wireless headphones are more widely preferred since they are out of the way while you move around. Based on this article, the best wireless headphones for working out in 2017 are the JLab Epic 2 headphones. The authors of the article give a full review and explain why these were chosen over 136 other sets of headphones.

Hydration Belts

Hydration belts (or fuel belts) are a wearable waist pack for carrying water bottles. Some of the better hydration belts have additional pouches for phones and other items. These products are great for short and long distance runners (or hikers and other outdoorsmen) since you will not need to juggle a bulky water bottle in your hand. Also, they allow you to more comfortably carry your items around your waist as opposed to in your pockets.

Wide Yoga Mats

Yoga has grown very popular over the past few years now that many have recognized the overarching health benefits that come along with it. If you are going to practice yoga, buying a yoga mat will be very helpful. There are so many things to consider when choosing which wide yoga mat is right for you. If you are a beginner with yoga, buying a wider mat might be a smart idea since it will give you a larger surface area to work with and provide more cushion in case you fall.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands, or resistance bands, allow you to do strength training workouts without weights. They are also a great tool for stretching and warming up before engaging in physical activities. No matter what your fitness level is, exercise bands are great to have on-hand since they are extremely versatile.

Foam Rollers

Rest and recovery are a very important part of training. If you do any physical activity, your muscles will get tight and sore due to lactic acid build up. Foam rollers are a great way to massage areas of your body quickly and easily. Also, foam rollers are relatively inexpensive and are easy to use.